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    Top Games for IOS 2015

    Games have always been an integral part of our lives. Come on, admit it. Who wants to be stuck in an hour long traffic with nothing to do? 2015 is nearing its end and we’ve had some amazing games throughout the year. Here are the best games of the year 2015 till now.

    1.) Brickies –

    Simple, Fun & Addictive. This is the fresh takeout of the classic game ‘Brick Breaker.’ , adding many new features with improved gameplay. Available on – Android and iOS Price – Free

    2.) Wrassling –

    Arcade games have always been fun. This hilarious game offers exciting and smooth gameplay with wrestling simulation. Available on – Android and iOS Price – Free

    3.) Mmm Fingers –

    Another classic from Noodlecake Studios, this game has grown its popularity in many parts of the world for its addictive gameplay. Available on – Android and iOS Price – Free

    4.) Unkilled –

    The folks behind Dead Trigger 1 and Dead Trigger 2, have now released Dea… Uhh… Unkilled, a zombie shooter game which allows you to roam the streets of New York during a zombie apocalypse. Available on – Android and iOS Price – Free

    5.) Colin McRae Rally –

    An amazing racing game with sharp features, High definition gameplay and a nerve wrecking sense of speed. This game has been rated #1 in more than 83 countries and has been going strong since the start of the year. Available on – Android and iOS Price – ₹190 or 3.00$

    6.) Riptide GP2 –

    This is one of my personal favorites. I can play this game for hours without getting tired of it. An insanely amazing career mode, Intense multiplayer battles and other features, it is worth the price. Available on – Android and iOS Price – ₹60 or 0.99$

    7.) Hitman: Sniper:

    The newest game in which you can portray yourself as Agent 47, this series has been critically acclaimed throughout its run. This game is no different. For a suggested price of 2.99$ in the Play Store, this game has over 150 missions to keep you occupied for hours. Available on: Android and iOS Price: 2.99$ or ₹300

    8.) Reckless Racing 3 –

    It’s a throwback to the arcade-style racing games and also one of the finest racing games to date. With a great 3D engine and simple controls, Reckless Racing 3 will have you coming back for more. Available on – Android and iOS Price – ₹190 or 3.00$

    9.) WWE Immortals –

    A fantasy game with amazing graphics and an array of power-ups, levels and futuristic ideas. This game certainly delivers with its ideology. Available on – Android and iOS Price – Free

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    Why go for a Lumia instead of a Hang-Droid?

    We know that there are many people who prefer buying an Android phone over windows phone. But why?  There may be certain reasons like they don’t know much about windows or may be the reason they think that they are costly or they don’t know how to use them. But In reality android phone sucks. Not most of them but.So, today I will tell you the reason why you should go for a windows phone instead of any Hang-roid.

    Why go for a Lumia instead of a Hang-Droid-


    1. Performance

    Latest Android operating system needs at least 1 or 2 GB ram and if you got a phone of range 4k-9k INR you probably regretted your decision. You have to limit your applications like you can’t install WhatsApp, hike, Instagram, Facebook, messenger, picsart and mx player all at once. You have to restrict the limit of a number of applications installed. But new fluid windows 8.1 phone can handle all at once using its only 512 MB or 1 GB ram. I myself a window phone user .

    1. Screen

       Most of the windows phone are equipped with gorilla glass 3 even a 4k range phone has one. My Lumia 630 has fallen many times and, believe me, it didn’t get any single scratch on its screen.

    1. Multitasking

    If you are a multitasked and didn’t want any lag this phone is for you. You can switch between apps faster than android. And apps don’t crash too. Having low ram doesn’t mean that it can’t handle apps.You can install as many apps you can.

    1. Camera-video

     You might also have noticed that the camera of Nokia or Microsoft phones are far  better than any other brand it’s because they don’t cross cut the price due to fitting some extra wasteful hardware. I compared the photo–video quality of my windows phone with the phone of the same price range and quality wise NOKIA won: Friend Zone a Guy

    1. Security

    Unlike Android phones, you don’t have to install any type of antivirus on your phone which can make your phone slow.Feel free to use windows without any fear of backdoor and virus. All apps are verified and can’t steal your personal information.

    Things I personally like about the windows phone

    Microsoft is improving its phone operating system day by day to get more buyers. Updating windows brings something new every time. I personally recommend this phone to all who are out of budget and need a really good phone. And believe me, you won’t regret your decision next time.

    Some phones you can buy Lumia 630, Microsoft Lumia 540xl, Microsoft Lumia 535, Nokia Lumia 520 or you can search on Snapdeal for more Microsoft product from its store.






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